Data Spoon enables you to access data - footfall, purchase behavior, demography - that was so far too expensive to get or simply non existent.


Identify the neighborhood that are seeing surge in footfall and avoid those that are losing in popularity.

Be where the crowd is.


Deepen your understanding of the crowd with demographic data, spending habits and crowd segmentation.

Know who the crowd is.

I want to know :

What does the crowd in my area spends the most on
Which district of Singapore has seen the most increase in footfall during the past 6 months
Who is the typical Singaporean walkling around my area : age, gender, spending habits
Case Study

How many Females between the ages of 20-30 are visiting downtown Bologna on Monday ?

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Case Study

Why is Population Flow important for business owners ? The case of Singapore's Marina Bay.

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Find The Best Location With Crowd Analytics : from Prague to Ho Chi Minh City.

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